December 16, 2017

About Us

Teska at a Glance

Teska System Development P.J.S
Founded in 2011
Business in more than 600 companies.
Broad portfolio with Data Storage, Servers, Security Solutions, Big Data, Network Infrastructure, Virtualization, Cloud Computing and ePayment Solutions.



Corporate Strategy
We expand our cloud computing, managed services and ePayment solution to increase productivity and deliver the best IT solution for our clients business.

We constantly look for better ways to deliver value to our customers, share owners, suppliers, and fellow associates. We anticipate change and create the solutions before we are asked to.

Mission Statement
Design, integrate and to operate the highest performing and efficient IT systems and environments.

Teska is a member of the:

  • Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines
  • Deutsch-Iranische Industrie- und Handelskammer
  • Iran-China Chamber of Commerce and Industries
  • High Council of Informatics
  • Iran NSR